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Residential Electrical Services Brisbane


Air Conditioning

Why sit at home all hot and bothered in summer and chilled to the bone in winter?!

Contact MGB Electrical to provide you with a total supply and installation service for:

  • Quality Split System Air Conditioners like Panasonic, Mitsubishi or Kelvinator
  • Available with reverse cycle operation, conventional or inverter compressors
  • Made with higher energy efficiency ratings and environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • All units supplied come with a 5 year Manufacturers Warranty

We’re also happy to install your supplied air conditioner.
We can provide the electrical connection if you have your own installer And we can upgrade your mains should they not be able to cope with the additional load.

Contact us for a no obligation quote today!


Audio Visual

Time poor? Need a hand to set up the new Plasma Panel TV in the lounge, or Surround Sound Speakers in the bar?

Need to tidy up or extend that mess of A/V cables? New speakers out on your deck or alfresco area? MGB Electrical has the expertise to provide you a complete solution for your Audio Visual needs from:

  • Basic supply &installation of A/V Cabling &Components
  • Full cabling &connection of Speaker Systems
  • Supply &Installation of quality T/V &Speaker Brackets, Projectors &Screens
  • Complete design, supply &installation of Multiroom Audio, Intercom &Integrated Multimedia Systems

We’re happy to install your supplied brackets, cables & component

Being electricians, should you require it, we can install any extra power points, at the same time! We have the right A/V solution for any budget!

Not sure of what you need, Contact MGB Electrical for friendly advice or book your installation today!


Data & Phone Points

Setting up your Home Office or simply need a new phone point? Need Data Points & Cabling, Computer networking or Phone cabling?

MGB Electrical, Data & Communications uses only fully licensed data cablers and technicians to provide repairs and installations from basic home office points to complete network solutions involving cat 5e, cat 6, and fibre optic systems, using quality brands like Clipsal, Krone or your preferred specification.
We can perform any task from fault finding your existing cabling & sockets, installing an extra phone or computer point in your home office or student study area to a complete fitout for data, security, phones and TV.

  • Category 5e and 6 data cabling
  • Computer networking
  • Telephone cabling and points
  • Structured cabling installation and termination
  • Emergency repairs &fault finding
  • Coaxial cabling installation and termination
  • Telephone and communications systems
  • Home office set up
  • Smart wiring

Contact MGB Electrical now for expert advice and fast installation, and we can install additional power points if required at the same time!


Ceiling Fans

In the heat of summer, ceiling fans are definately an economical way to cool down!

Repairs to ceiling fans can include, replacing the fan control, simply replacing control knobs or fan light kits, we can supply & install new fans in your home, or simply install the fans you supply. Various fan types include:

  • Standard ceiling fans (3, 4 or 5 blade), (wooden or metal blades), (painted, plated or stainless finish)
  • New modern & contemporary fan styles.
  • Indoor or outdoor rated ceiling fans (with or without lights)
  • Remote controlled ceiling fan (with or without lights), (most remote controls include a dimming function)

If you use them in conjunction with Air Conditioning, they distribute the cool air much more effectively, allowing you to run the A/C at slower fan speeds and set higher temperatures, saving you money and really helping out the environment.

Reversible type fans work equally well in winter with the reverse cycle A/C units, they drag the cold air off the floor and force the warm air down. What a great to warm up the chill of winter.

MGB Electrical uses &recommends the Clipsal Airflow product which comes with a 3-year warranty on the motor.We’re also happy to install your supplied fans.

Contact us MGB Electrical to service or replace the existing fans or supply &install new ceiling fans in your home.


Bathroom 3 in 1 Combos

A great way to keep the bathroom warm particularly in the cool winter months!

Most units provide 3 fantastic features in one fitting, available as fan & light or fan, heat & light combos, they are an excellent addition for your bathroom.

Features include:

  • A central light fitting, separate to the heat lamps
  • Heat lamps (2 or 4, depending on model) provide instant warmth to the room
  • Steam extraction through an exhaust fan or ducted fan

These units help to keep moisture to a minimum and prevent mildew, they can be installed to work in conjunction with existing lighting in the bathroom or as a stand alone unit to replace the existing light.

Contact MGB Electrical today to install a fan, light &heat combo in your bathroom!



Set your mood! Candles can be dangerous when left unattended, use a dimmer to create the perfect mood instead!

Installing a dimmer to your existing lights allows you to control the level of light to suit the occasion, applications can include:

  • Master Bedroom: Adjust the lighting for romance or reading
  • Kids’ Bedrooms: Night-lighting to help the kids feel safe and secure at night
  • Dining Room: Create a romantic atmosphere for an intimate dining experience
  • Lounge Room / Family Room / Entertainment / Games Room: Relax and watch a movie, or enjoy the complete home theatre experience
  • Bathrooms: Soft lighting for that relaxing bath
  • Hallways / Stairwells: Navigate your way to the bathroom or kitchen during the night in safety, but without blinding yourself in the process

Energy savings: Modern dimmer controls for incandescent lights (including halogens) improve the life expectancy of globes and reduce energy consumption.

Most standard fluorescent lamps cannot be dimmed, but special dimmers and lamps are available. When installing new light fittings and controls ensure they are compatible with CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps).

MGB uses and recommends the Clipsal C-Thru range for all dimmers.

Contact MGB Electrical today, our friendly staff can advise which existing lights can be dimmed, and explain the new lighting options available to you.


Emergency Lights

Candles are always a danger and you never seem to be able to find a working torch?!

Emergency lighting is a great home safety option for anyone, especially those people who are at risk of falling in dark environments, such as the elderly or individuals with a visual impairment.

When used in conjunction and or connected in with security systems and smoke alarms, emergency lighting can provide a much safer environment to escape from a dangerous situation.

Commercial properties have had them for years, whilst homeowners in Queensland stumble around in the dark during our very regular storm blackouts or power outages.

It is important to be prepared. Emergency lighting units are mains power connected,(they require a very low amount of electricity to recharge the batteries), battery operated lights that activate in the event of power loss. When activated, they switch to battery and provide a basic level of lighting for 90 minutes or more (depending on type). With LED technology, emergency lighting has been made much more efficient.

Contact MGB Electrical to talk about an emergency light solution for your home, consider installing one as a practical and thoughtful gift for family or friends.


Energy Efficient Lighting

Want to personally contribute to reducing greenhouse emissions or just save money on your energy bills?

You can make a change simply by replacing standard globes and halogen downlights with energy efficient CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) or LED type fittings.

When selecting or installing new light fittings and controls, try to choose LED or fluorescent fittings or ensure they are compatible with CFLs or LED replacement lamps.

These energy efficient solutions for your home; energy efficient globes, dimmers, timers and sensor options, used in conjuction with other options like Solar Hot Water, Ceiling Insulation, Water Efficent Devices and using appliances with greater Energy Star Ratings can significantly reduce your energy bills and reduce your contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

Find Energy Efficient Lighting information here:

A great information tool is the Energy Savings Calculator:

Contact MGB Electrical to talk about Energy Efficient Lighting and other solutions.


Exhaust Fans

Extract unwanted smells, odors and steam out of bathrooms, storerooms and other areas.

In additions to Bathroom 3 in 1 Combos, exhaust fans can be used in a variety of ways to extract stale or moist air away from an area, or move warm or cool air to rooms without air conditioning or heating.

Exhaust fans come in all different shapes and sizes for all different solutions such as:

  • Wall mounted
  • Ceiling mounted
  • Ceiling cavity mounted and ducted

Use a ceiling cavity ducted fan to transfer warm air from a room with reverse cycle air conditioning to another room to save running two air conditioners, or to extract hot stale air and exhaust fumes from your garage.

A wall or ceiling mounted fan can extract steam and moisture from your bathroom or ensuite if you dont have the room to install a bathroom 3 in 1 combo.

We can assist in choosing a quality product like the Clipsal range of exhaust fans and accessories or we can fit your supplied fitting.

Contact MGB Electrical for friendly advice or to install a solution to help you.


Hot Water Systems

There’s nothing relaxing about a cold bath!

Out of hot water? Give us a call we will be happy to help. Our technicians can diagnose the fault, repair or replace the faulty component and have your hot water supply up and running. We make it a top priority to have a serviceman out to all Hot Water System jobs as soon as possible to reduce your time without hot water.
Other services include:

  • Changing the tariff that supplies your system (e.g. from night tariff to general tariff or vice versa)
  • Energy efficient hot water systems

Property Management, Body Corporates, Private Investors/Owners & Real Estate Agency Call Outs

Let us take care of your electrical maintenance problems!

MGB Electrical provides a no nonsense, professional and responsive electrical service to real estate agencies, property and rent roll managers, and private owner/investors. With most of our work coming from referrals, we have excellent references and testimonials from clients.
We have a dedicated team of tradespeople to provide specialised services including:

  • Safety Switch testing, repairs and installation.
  • Repairs and replacement of light fittings & lamps
  • Repairs & replacement of Hot Water Systems
  • Repairs & replacement of large appliances,(stoves, ovens, cooktops, & dishwashers)
  • Fault finding and rectification of power & lighting services.
  • Phone line & socket repairs & installation.
  • Digital TV aerial, coax, socket repairs & installations.
  • Fully licenced refrigeration and A/C repairs
  • Sales & installation of Split Wall A/C systems.

Call MGB Electrical today to discuss our services & competitive rates.


Surge Protection

Don’t wait to protect your valuable assets. Protect your equipment now!

ALL electronic equipment that plugs into a wall, needs protection. Without it, all your assets including your expensive home theatre, sound system, TV, entertainment centre or computer equipment can be damaged by the surges, spikes, sags, strikes and brownouts that afflict our electrical systems. The equipment can suffer internal faults and fail immediately or sometimes you may not see the damage until the equipment fails, but it can still be there, with the surges and spikes gradually “corrupting” the performance of your electronics.

Power protection devices are most commonly called “surge protectors”. Types vary, but the solution is simple. The best devices include combined surge/overload protection, power conditioning and noise/interference filtering.

By having a surge protection unit installed in your switchboard, you protect all your electrical equipment from overvoltage spikes. This protects vulnerable and expensive electrical products such as high quality televisions and computer hardware. Many people choose to install surge protection when they upgrade their switchboards or in new homes. Surge protection can be installed at any stage, to any board.

MGB Electrical can recommend and install the best protection for your budget, we can also design and install fully certified Lightning Strike Protection Systems for high incident areas and insurance purposes.

Contact MGB Electrical to discuss your requirements today.


Safety Switches

How important is safety to you?!

Protecting your family against potential electrocution is paramount. Having a safety switch installed onto any new circuit 20amps or under or where an existing circuit is modified, is law under the new electrical standard, introduced in July 2008


What is a safety switch?

A Residual Current Device or RCD (also known as a safety switch), are an insurance against electric shock. They are installed in your switchboard and work in conjunction with your circuit breakers or fuses. They are designed to prevent injury or death. They monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit. They automatically shut off the electricity supply when current is detected leaking from faulty switches, wiring or electrical appliances. This stops the chance of current flowing to earth, through a person, electrocuting them. Installing a safety switch is an inexpensive safety measure that protects everyone.


Are safety switches failsafe?

Nothing is failsafe. Safety switches should be regularly checked to ensure they are working correctly. Pressing the “Test” button on the RCD unit and checking that the device “trips” is a simple way to test the unit. Alternatively if you are unsure, you can call us to test your RCD. MGB Electrical has the specialised test equipment to ensure that the RCD is working correctly. Just like a smoke detector or other safety device, if it is not working properly, it cannot protect. It is also important to make sure electrical appliances, electrical wiring, extension leads and other electrical equipment are regularly checked and kept in good working order. You should arrange for any faulty RCD to be replaced as soon as possible.


How do I know if a safety switch is installed?

If you open up your switchboard and see a TEST/RESET button. This will indicate that you have a safety switch installed. You should see something similar to this:

Typical switchboard – this shows a main switch, a safety switch with test button, and four normal circuit breakers.

All homes have circuit breakers or fuses. These are designed to protect the wiring and appliances from overloads and short circuits within the premises. Only safety switches are designed to protect people.

Call anytime for friendly helpful advice, and Contact MGB Electrical immediately if you have any safety concerns. contact us.


Switchboard Upgrades

The heart of your home’s electrical system is the Main Switchboard. How healthy is your heart?

With the over-abundance of electrical appliances, electronic equipment, and airconditioners etc, it has never been more important to make sure your switchboard is up to the task when it comes to protecting your family.

Re-wireable (porcelain) fuse style switchboards, are still found in many older homes, especially unrenovated ones and rental properties.This style of fuse provides the bare minimum of protection for you and your family, if the wrong size or type of fuse wire has been used, it can actually cause a dangerous situation or fire.

Replacing your old style fuse box with an updated circuit breaker type will give you much greater protection against overload and short circuit in your electrical system, we’ll also advise you about the added protection of installing or replacing a safety switch.Under the new electrical standard that was introduced in July 2008, a safety switch must be installed onto any new circuit 20amps or under or where an existing circuit is modified.

If you require it, we can upgrade or replace your entire meterbox, mains and point of entry, (this is the black box on the front of your house where the cables join from the power pole). If you intend on renovating or extending your home, installing larger style or multiple a/c units, you may need to upgrade the point of entry, incoming mains and meterbox/main switchboard.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for free advice regarding upgrading or replacing your switchboard.